Here at Family Fund, we understand the power that digital technologies have to transform the lives of disabled children and their families. We know that having a digital device is just the start and that some families need the skills and knowledge to understand how to get the most out of these devices and the internet. Family Fund is working to support families with disabled children in acquiring the digital skills they need.

What are we doing?

We are running a Digital Skills Programme which aims to help families with disabled children to develop their digital skills and get the most out of their iPads or Android tablets through one-to-one and group training. Training is free to people who have received a Family Fund tablet and covers a range of useful topics, including how to customise devices to address any vision, hearing, motor and learning needs of your child, parental controls and guided access, locating and accessing resources and how to use built-in apps to develop reading, writing, speaking and research skills.

Get Involved 

If you have previously been awarded a Family Fund grant for a tablet and think training to use your tablet would be useful, why not sign up? All you need to do is complete our registration survey and we’ll do the rest. (Terms and Conditions)

We can also run a group training session for parents and carers of disabled or seriously ill children in your area. If you’re part of a parent/carer group or are involved with an organisation that supports families raising disabled or seriously ill children and would be interested in running a session, please email us.


We offer grants to help families get online such as laptops, tablets and PCs, see more from our computers and tablets page.

Tell Us your Story

We’d like to hear how technology affects you. Do you use digital devices, such as PCs, tablets and smartphones? What are the challenges that you find online? Are there things you can’t do but would like to? Do you have some useful tips to share that might be useful to other families with disabled children? Whatever your situation, we want to know your story. Get in touch by email to tell us your story. 

We have already helped many families to enjoy the benefits of becoming part of the digital world. Below are some of their stories.




Our Pinterest page brings together a range of apps for iPads and tablets that have been tried and tested by parent/carers of children with special educational needs, and training professionals who deliver digital skills training to our families.

We have also put together a collection of useful resources to help you to make the most of the internet.

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