Does your business have a corporate social responsibility programme? 

Have you thought about how your business could help families raising disabled and seriously ill children across the UK?

Family Fund works in partnership with a range of corporate organisations to help keep its costs down and generate income to help even more families across the UK.  Through its corporate sponsorships, Family Fund can offer local, national and international businesses a range of flexible packages to create opportunities for companies to work with and support families raising disabled and seriously ill children and young people across the UK.

Develop your own unique programme

Options include:

  • Charity of the Year: A direct donation to the Family Fund as your charity of the year could help us to increase our outreach to families that we know would benefit from our services.
  • Gifts in kind:  By donating items or services from your business to Family Fund you can help us to generate savings, and therefore reach more families.
  • Sponsorship of Family Fund events: This can create awareness of your organisation with a range of audience groups such as families, health professionals and other charitable organisations.
  • Employee fundraising: You could hold fundraising events at your workplace or encourage employees to organise their own with Family Fund as your chosen charity.
  • Payroll Giving: You can encourage your employees to donate to Family Fund tax-free.  

What is in it for you?

All corporate sponsorships are mutually beneficial.  In return for any activity or funding that your business provides, Family Fund can offer a range of services:

  • Help with your corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets. By providing donations or services to Family Fund, we can help you achieve your social impact objectives and highlight exactly where your money goes to helping families raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people.
  • Having an active CSR programme helps to motivate staff and improve morale, it has also been known to increase staff retention and recruitment.
  • Send through stories from families on how their grants have helped them, through posters/newsletters to share with employees.
  • Help, advice and support for all fundraising events.
  • Promotion on our website, newsletters and social media channels as well as any through any specific sponsored events.

Get in touch if you would like to know more about becoming a Family Fund Corporate Sponsor.