Jacob's Story

"Jacob's speech is very limited, he only has a few words, but when he saw it he said 'playground'"Read more

Oliver's Haven Adventure

"It was amazing to see Oliver so happy and carefree"Read more

Emma's Story

"She loves to be outside, but taking her to the park to play can be difficult as it's too noisy for her"Read more

Muhammad Yahya's Story

"Now he’s three he’s started asking a lot of questions, he asks why he can’t do things, why he can’t walk, he just wants to go outside and play like other kids."Read more

Spencer and Stan's Story

We applied to Family Fund for a grant towards the cost, as pedigree puppies are expensive but we felt that this one was right for our family.Read more

Christopher's Story

It was the easiest application form I’ve ever had to deal with!Read more

Ariana's Story

"It’s great to see her able to enjoy and express herself through music, she’s got great potential.”Read more

Faith's Story

"She can use the computer easily and happily, and it’s helping her learning progress. What’s more, it’s also given her a huge confidence boost."Read more

Bobby's Story

“The trainer was great, he took his time and would repeat things if I wasn’t sure. We went at my pace and it was really calm”Read more

Suzy's story

“Suzy’s condition has an enormous effect on our family”, Patricia told us. “She is the youngest of eight siblings which makes things more difficult, especially financially. But the grants from Family Fund have really helped.”Read more